Red Lobster Easy Cooking in 20 Minutes

Who does not like to eat lobster? This one of seafood becomes the most favorite and popular among restaurant. Moreover, you can also find the lobster in any kind of menu. Actually, it is not too different with crab and shrimp meat. It has a soft texture with kind of sweet taste. There are so many ways to serve lobster on your dining table. You can even use any kind of cooking technique or style for cooking the delicious lobster. One of the most recommended menus is broiled red lobster which will beyond your high expectation.

Prepare the Ingredients

Before starting to cook the lobster, you need to prepare some ingredients. You do not need to look for the difficult-to-find ingredients. You only need salt, paprika, butter, pepper, cayenne pepper, lemon wedges, and spice. Then, you can also prepare around 2 to 6 ounce of lobster. Wash it well and then you can go to the next step.

It’s Time to Cook Red Lobster!

If all the ingredients are ready, so you can start to cook the most delicious boiled lobster. For the first step, you need to thaw the lobster. Then, you can also reheat it to 425 degrees of Fahrenheit you take the frozen lobster meat. After making sure that the lobster is clean, you need to cut the lobster first. Use the kitchen scissors for cutting the lobster from the top to the tail part. After that, don’t forget to crack the shield part so you can take the meat out easily.

Let the meat lay back the shield down while you can melt the butter. If it is ready, you can brush it to all part of the lobster meat. Then, mix the rest ingredients into a bowl like peppers, paprika, and salt. For the last touch of the ingredient, add all spices that you need. Mix it well and then sprinkle all the spices on the lobster.

If the lobster is ready and the oven as well, so you can bake the lobster on the broiling pan in 15 minutes. Then, you need to make sure that you turn your oven to be broil mode. Also, you need to avoid the meat is getting burn. When all the part of lobster is getting dark, then you can remove it from the broiler. Serve it with the additional melted butter on the top with a lemon wedge.

Besides the meat, there are also some parts of lobster which are still edible. You can even use the claws and legs of lobster to make a new dish. However, you need to different step and to do for this part of the lobster. For the best recommendation, you can also choose the fresh lobster rather than the frozen. Why so? Because you can get all parts of lobster fully so for you who want to cook it for the last part, it will be easier for you.

Moreover, you can also choose the lobster which is still alive. It means you can check it by yourself the condition of lobster that will be bought. For the fresh one, the lobster will look brighter and look “more energetic” than the mishandling one. However, it does not mean that the frozen lobster is not good. It is the good one for you who do not need time and do not know how to treat the lobster before cook it. It will not take a longer time to prepare and get the meat out. What you need to do is just preheating it then you can continue to do the next step to cook it.

Although you will buy the frozen lobster, you still need to check more on the condition of lobster. You need to check on the expired date first. Since lobster is kind of seafood and cannot be stored in a longer time, even it could but it is not good, you need to choose the product which has long expired dated. Then, you can also find the best quality frozen lobster from credible market or shop. There are so many lobsters which are mistreating so it has not good quality. In the other words, you need to check on its packaging and the condition of meat.