A Simple Guideline for Eating Lobster in Restaurant

Eat lobster might be the delightful one. However, you will find little bit of difficulty when the lobster served in full. Serve with butter and lemon, you need to crack the shells and all part of bodies of lobster. It sounds a little bit un-glamor when it comes to eating in the restaurant. Before that, you have to decide to whether you choose the hard or soft lobster. If you choose the harder shells, so it means you need to crack it tougher since it is a little bit hard to break. However, it has flavorful and firm meat. Meanwhile, the shedder lobster is easy to break but has less meat and flavor than the hard shell one.

Step by Step to Eat Lobster at Restaurant Easily

It will be a little bit difficult when you find a full lobster without a cracked shell. However, it is common in some restaurant to serve lobster in full part. There will be a tool to help you eat the lobster easily. However, you still need some trick to eat it easily. Here is step by step to eating lobster at a restaurant:

  • Watch your dress

Although you will find lobster in a fine restaurant, eating it will be a little bit messy. The butter drops or fork drop on the table will make your dress messed up. That is why you need to watch your dress first. Sometimes you can find the bibs, but it does not fully help you to get no stain on. That is why you need to choose the clothes that will not stain easily.

  • You need to use your hands

Forget about spoons and forks while eating lobster. What you need are only your hands and its tools. You need to grab the legs, claws, tail, and shell with your hand even inside to your finger.

  • Find the tools

If it is the first time for you to eat lobster, so you need to know the tools first. There are some different tools which will help you to crack the shell of the lobster. For the first, you can find the lobster cracker which is kind of nutcracker like. It has a function to break the shell and get the meat easily. Second, there will be a lobster pick or fork which is used to dig the meat of lobster. You can use this tool to reach the small space inside. Third, the bone dish will be sued for the receptacle lobster shells. For the last, you will always find the hand wipes to wipe the juices of lobster on your fingers.

  • Crack the lobster

If you and all the tools are ready, so you can start to crack the lobster. Actually, there are so many styles to eat lobster. Some people like to eat it part by part. On the other hand, some other people are also like to dismantle all part of lobster first. You can choose which your style is.

For the first, you need to twist the claws off. You can try to twist each claw and get the arm meat. Use the fork to dig the meat of the lobster’s arms. Although there is not too much meat inside, it is a good to start to eat lobster. If you find difficulties, so you can try to use the lobster cracker to break the larger part of claws. If it is done, so you can part it away to the provided dish.

For the second, just simply put off the legs of lobsters. You do not need to take any tools for the meat inside. You can suck on it and get the juicy meat inside. Some people do not bother with the thin legs.

For the third step which is the grand step, you need to cut the body. You can pull the shell from the main body and find its white delicious meat. If you like to eat liver, so you can find it inside which has a gray color.  Moreover, there will be coral inside if you gave the female lobster. You can find the roe or eggs inside which are edible. Although it is not the most delicious part of lobster, you still can get its taste sensation well. Get the experience of eating lobster well.