How to Buy Lobster from The Supplier

Do you want to cook lobster at home? You can try to find the best quality ones from Indonesia lobster supplier. Since it comes directly from the supplier, you will get the fresh one. Lobster is kind of seafood which has a rich taste. Moreover, there are also different kind of lobster which has outstanding taste. If you want to make a delicious food from lobster at home, so you need to find it from the supplier and cook it right after at home. It will not be difficult to cook lobster at home. You can even not need about an hour more to get the most delicious menu of lobster. Get the tips on how to buy the right lobster and how to cook it,

Tips to Buy Lobster Directly from the Supplier

Actually, it is not too difficult to find lobster. However, its distribution is limited. If you need to get the fresh or frozen lobster, so you can try to grab them from Indonesia lobster supplier. If you still do not know how to choose the best lobster, so here is a simple guideline for you:

  • Find the recommended supplier

Nowadays, you can easily find the supplier through internet information. You can even find the online supplier. However, you have to make sure that you get the recommended supplier one. You can find the testimonial or responses from the buyer who bought the product from that supplier before then you can conclude it by yourself.

  • Check the color and condition of lobster

You cannot purchase the lobster without knowing the condition of the lobster. It means that buying directly is preferred. If you choose an online supplier, so you need to check it by yourself about the condition of lobster. You need to check that there is no black holes or spots on the lobster. It is common that the lobster has yellowish, blue, green or black color but you have to make sure that there are no holes. On the surfaces, the lobster might seems shiny. Moreover, you can also identify the claws of a lobster. The fresh lobster is which strong claws that ready to fight. If you find the claws are droopy, so it means that the lobster has been stored for longer time or mishandling. It is better to find the lobster with the claws on.

  • Find the expired date for the frozen lobster

Besides the fresh lobster, you can also find the frozen lobster as well. If you choose this type, so you need to make sure about the expired date. Moreover, the well frozen lobster which is fully frozen without any liquid inside. That is why you need to avoid the frozen lobster with liquid inside. It means that it does not store well. The well frozen lobster has been frozen right after it caught so the freshness is still kept.

Get the Best Recipe of Lobster at Home

If you already get the best lobster from Indonesia lobster supplier, so it is time to cook it well. You can even cook it easily at home. Here are the easy steps you can follow to get delicious lobster at home:

  • Prepare the Ingredients

For all type of foods, you need to prepare the ingredients first. You will only need lemon wedges, pepper, salt, butter and also thawed lobster tails.  Make sure that all of these simple ingredients are ready.

  • Snip the Lobster’s Tail

You can choose the tail part since it easy to handle one to cook at home. You need to cut this part by using kitchen scissors carefully. Make sure that you will not dig into the meat deeply since it will break it before cooking.

  • Loosen the Shell

To cook this kind of menu, you do not need to remover the shell out. What you need to do is loosen the shell. You can pry the meat gently from the bottom shell and make sure that it still attach on the meat.

  • Add the Seasonings

Just put the seasoning like salt and pepper on the lobster. You do not need to put too many ingredients in before it cooked.

  • Broil it

Put the lobster on aluminum foil baking sheet then put the lemon slices on it. Just boil it in 5 to 6 minutes until the meat is getting opaque. Once it cooked well, you can add more seasoning to it and serve with lemon wedges. It is ready to serve!

If you need more taste, so you can try to get the butter. Simmering the butter in 10 minutes until it is getting brown. After that, you can skim the foamy surface while the butter already melted fully. So, it is only left yellow and clear liquid. Then, you can eat the most delicious lobster tails which bought before from Indonesia lobster supplier with butter.